LI Scalp Pigment

LI Scalp Pigment

LI Scalp®

The LI Hair Scalp Pigment Series is a highly concentrated version of selective organic & inorganic hair scalp colorants made exclusive for hair scalp procedures (sometimes referred to as Scalp Micropigmentation or SMP) only.

The LI Hair Scalp Pigment Series is designed only for the artist who has experience with working with stronger organic and inorganic formulas or who has taken an advanced class on the appropriate usage of these formulas and techniques (EXPERIENCED TECHNICIAN).

With this specialty formulated Inorganic line, we have created selective base inorganic colorants with greatly increased concentration levels which provide the user-friendly creamy texture that is consistently maintained within the long lasting formula during use.

Both the Organic & Inorganic LI Hair Scalp Pigments offer so many options in the choice of shades, correctors and additives.

Refer to Color Identification Chart (CIC) for additional information.