Micro Edge Pigments

Micro Edge Pigments

The Micro-Edge Pigments


The Micro-Edge Pigment Line is a highly concentrated version of selective organic & Inorganic colorants made exclusively for Microblading procedures.

We have developed a line of longer lasting, natural Microblading pigment shades that offer warmer, easier to use, and pre-neutralized colorants for less mixing!

LI Pigments is proud to announce the launch of The Micro-Edge Pigment Colors, a microblading pigment line designed for the EXPERIENCED TECHNICIAN to achieve a safe, high quality, natural looking, truer to color, healed version of Microblading shades.

With this specialty formulated Microblading line, we have created eight (8) pre-neutralized pigments and one (1) corrector/additive using select inorganic and organic base colorants with greatly increased the concentration levels and a rich and creamy texture.

Refer to Color Identification Chart (CIC) for additional information.