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LI Pigments

What is the difference between Aqua and Velvet? 

Aqua is a cream, water-based formulation

Velvet is a glycerine base formulation.  Because of this Velvet will be thicker. 

However, since both are manufactured at our facilities, there is no problem with mixing the 2 different formulations together.  However, keep in mind to mix thoroughly in order to keep the mixtures of the glycerine base and water base together.  DO NOT mix from different company pigments together.  We don't recommend or advise to mix pigments made from a different manufacturer.

Why are LI Pigments so good? 

In a nutshell - Li Pigments are so good because they perform well, last long and do not change colour!

A lot has to do with the manufacturing processes: the way the pigment is made, blended, broken down, and mixed.  The concentrated levels and most importantly, the fusion method of the pigments. Recognizing the need for not only safe pigments that stay, but pigments that will hold true to colour over time and not change colour, Li Pigments realized that with a few simple formula modifications and a unique mixing process, they had developed a pigment line that would out perform any other. Li Pigments introduced “Fusion Technology” to the industry back in 1992 revolutionizing the permanent makeup industry.

Once Li Pigments accomplished this remarkable result in pigment performance, they developed and released their own pigment line.   Hence in 1998 Aqua™ & Velvet™ were born with this unique process to fuse ingredients for natural long lasting true colour.  Darlene Story…the owner and developer of Li Pigments is a brilliant pigment maker and Aqua & Velvet is her baby.  Aqua & Velvet has been in existence for 16 years now.  She has had 16 years to make this pigment line what it is today.  She is consistently learning new ways to make this line even better and applies these new technologies to the Aqua & Velvet line. Every single pigment/colour formulation in the Aqua & Velvet line are unique and exclusive to the Aqua & Velvet line.

Why they are gamma radiated and why are they to be considered safer than some of the other options?

With sterilization you are killing all the spores so the pigment  is bacterial safe to use. For safe pigments, you want to use pigments from reliable manufacturers that follow all the current GMPS (Good Manufacturing Practices) and produces the final pigment product from safe ingredients approved to be used.  Since there are no specific laws in the US regarding permanent cosmetics and tattooing; there ARE  laws, guidelines and regulations in Europe so Li Pigments as a company adheres to those regulations in EU and pass all the EU testing as such.

Li Pigments go above and beyond what is required of them by also using Sterile water in all their formulations….NOT distilled. Having a state of the art water sterilization system put in to place in their factory was extremely expensive for them to do so and not required…but Li Pigments is a company that always puts safety and quality first and foremost.

Forever Lips

What is Forever lips?

The Forever Color Series is a highly concentrated version of carefully selected organic colorants made exclusively for permanent makeup procedures. The uses are vast and technician specific. The goal was for long lasting permanent makeup shades that LAST!

This organic line is designed for the EXPERIENCED TECHNICIAN to achieve a truer to color, healed version of their favorite shades made to accommodate the outcome desires of their client.

Through years of research and rigorous testing, we have concluded that using selective base organic colorants with greatly increased density value provides the user-friendly creamy texture that is consistently maintained within the long lasting formula during use.

Forever Lips is an excellent option in response to fashion trends in lip pigmenting that have continued to grow in popularity. Soft and subtle shades can be created to enhance the natural lip tones. Some shades are already pre-mixed in the formulation allowing for easier mixing of the warm, cool and neutral applications for the lips.

The Forever Lips offers so many options, How to use theme ?

Use a Forever Lips pigment to maximize your favorite lip shades. Best used for the client who desires a bold, vibrant, long lasting lip color. Take your favorite lip color that is best suited for the client’s undertone; make a first pass with that lip shade. Follow up with a companion color from the Forever Lips on top of the implanted lip color. This will maximize the already implanted color. The issue of whether that color should be adjusted to appear even more vibrant can be determined at the follow up appointment.

The Forever Lips formulation should produce long lasting, true to color results that need little to no touching up. If a lighter version is desired at the follow up appointment, use a lighter shade of the Forever Lips pigments to decrease the density (lighten the color) of the implanted color. To increase the color significantly, a deeper, darker shade of the Forever Lips may be used.

What makes the Forever Color Series different?

The Forever  Lips Series pigments are produced from organics, which are highly concentrated and have pre- neutralized base colorants with built in neutralized shades to help avoid bluing/graying over time. This unique formulation is further enhanced during manufacturing processes to provide pigment implantation with ease specific to the needs of Permanent Cosmetic procedures. The colorants used to produce the Forever Lips Series are organic colorants, some colors containing Titanium Dioxide to obtain the lighter shades. All such colorants containing Titanium Dioxide have been clearly marked throughout the CIC. These specific pigments are allowed in the EU and are safe for Permanent Cosmetics applications, provided that the specific pigment(s) have passed the EU Resolution ResAP (2008)1. All LI Pigments Colorants are tested according to these resolutions providing a high level of safety and a minimum health risk for our customers. The EU specifications require continuous testing and re-certifications every two (2) years. LI Pigments abides by the given requirements, and has passed all the EU Resolution’s stringent testing, thus meeting the guidelines set forth by the EU.

The Forever Lips Series complies with all aspects of quality and safety standards and are considered one of the most quality pigments available.

The Forever Color Series is...

Highly concentrated

Maximum color intensity in every drop

Long-lasting; minimal touch-up required

Cream consistency

Unique formulation for easier skin penetration

Organic base pigments; pre-mixed Titanium Base & Titanium-Free colors

No evaporation or splatter


Unique, controlled dropper tip to dispense even drops of pigment every time

Widely used in medical and cosmetic industry

Made in the USA

Are the Forever Colors changing ? 

The Forever Lips Series created by LI Pigments is pre-neutralized, which means that each pigment has bases within it to neutralize the red, green, orange and blue hues that prompt color changes. Still it is important to match color properly in order to avoid color changes. The pigment(s) selected should be matched appropriately for the client’s base skin tone. It is important to match the pigment to the skin type to obtain that natural look. Depth, needle configuration, application techniques etc., all play a role in the outcome, and caution is advised with penetration techniques as implanting pigment too deeply into the skin can cause a greater potential for change in color perception.



The Forever Lips Series is a long lasting pigment line designed for use by an EXPERIENCED TECHNICIAN. An untrained or undertrained technician performing a procedure on a client using the Forever Color Series could result in long lasting, undesired outcomes.

Is CIC  Forever could be use as a eduction ?

This Color Identification Chart (CIC) is NOT intended to replace education or training in Micropigmentation procedures or color theory. This CIC consists only of suggestions and recommendations for the EXPERIENCED TECHNICIAN working with the Forever Color Series.